Mourinho Think Duel MU Vs Liverpool Not Special

Mourinho Think Duel MU Vs Liverpool Not Special

Manchester United (MU) manager Jose Mourinho called the duel against Liverpool a special one MU game counter Liverpool will take place at Anfield Staduim on Saturday (14/10/2017), in the Premier League continued.

Anfield became one of the most gruesome stadiums in England. In the last three meetings between Manchester United against Liverpool, both teams must play a draw. United last won victory at Anfield in 2015, when it won 3-1 over the Reds.

“This season, an opposing player told me: ‘It’s an important game for us, like the finals of a championship.’ Then I asked: ‘Why?’, “Mourinho said, on the club’s official website.

“If you’re in a big club, a great player, every game is important.You can not see some matches like the final and other matches in a different way,” he said.

Furthermore, Mourinho insists, the game against Liverpool is no different. The winner will get the same points, three.

“It’s only a three-point match, not four, maybe if we were at this moment of the season where it was a duel between the two teams, it could mean a lot, but that’s not the case.

The Portuguese manager continued, he did not get great pressure ahead of the Reds. “I do not have any pressure or emotion, I do it professionally, it’s a great example for MU players,” he said.

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