Three Pillars Absent, Madura United Call Two Young Players

Three Pillars Absent, Madura United Call Two Young Players

Madura United must change the composition of the team against the host Semen Padang in League 1 continued at Haji Agus Salim Stadium on Friday (6/10/2017). They lost three players who have been the mainstay.

Positive trends experienced Madura United after winning at home to Persipura Jayapura. Team beralias Warriors Sape Often want to return to achieve the three points while visiting the headquarters Semen Padang.

Only, Madura United’s ambition to get full points in the game this week’s League 28 will face obstacles. Three major players Madura United certainly can not perform in the match at Haji Agus Salim Stadium.

Fachruddin Aryanto and Dane Milovanovic absent due to yellow card accumulation. Meanwhile, Rifad Marasabessy can not play in Padang because it must meet the national team call U-19 Indonesia.

“We call Saldi and Eriyanto to come to Padang,” said Madura United coach, Gomes de Oliveira.

Saldi and Eriyanto will immediately join the team who chose not to return to Madura after the game away to headquarters Persipura. Madura United players are currently in Padang after a transit in Jakarta.

Debt to PSSI, La Nyalla Complain to Menpora

Debt to PSSI, La Nyalla Complain to Menpora

La Nyalla Mattalitti, continue to urge PSSI to pay off the debt to him. Former Chairman of the PSSI even submitted a letter of application to the Minister of Youth and Sports (Menpora) Imam Nahrawi to forward his request to PSSI.

In the official release of La Nyalla attorney to, Aristo Pangaribuan, mentioned PSSI debt of more than Rp 13 billion rupiah since 2012 until 2016. In addition, the operator competition PT League Indonesia which shares owned PSSI and top caste clubs also owe 700 thousand US Dollars (Rp 9.3 billion).

Prior to sending a letter to Imam Nahrawi, La Nyalla personally has been billing to PSSI three times. But until now, there has been no concrete answer related to payment scheme against him.

“Until now there is no baseball at all .. There is a response from PSSI, but no news yet,” said La Nyalla told reporters on Wednesday (6/9/2017) night.

The 58-year-old man is hoping, PSSI obligations against him immediately met after complaining to Imam Nahrawi. Because, La Nyalla consider, supervision of the parent organization of sports is under the authority Menpora in accordance with the National Sports System Act.

“Yesterday the response Menpora want to follow up.Why to send a letter? It is clear that the league should not be running as long as still have debt with third parties,” said La Nyalla.

“The hope is soon paid,” he said.

8 Best Indonesian Forces At Sea Games

8 Best Indonesian Forces At Sea Games

Since the 1987 Sea Games, the Indonesian national team has often brought sharp strikers. Many Garuda strikers show off in this grandest multievent event in Southeast Asia Agen Sbobet Terpercaya. Who are they? The following Football team summarizes it:

1. Ricky Yacobi (Sea Games 1987)

In 1987 the Indonesian national team recorded gold ink football Indonesia in the event the Sea Games. They won for the first time for the first time. This is the first international trophy ever captured Indonesia national team. Thai domination broken. Malaysia’s strength is buried. What a heroic achievement.

Indeed Waidi Ribut who scored mere puppet in the final of 1987 when defeated Malaysia with the score 1-0. But for the position of attackers at that time, Indonesia is very dependent on Ricky Yacobi.

Nicknamed Paul Breitner of Indonesia, Ricky also lined up as team captain in this tournament. It’s not much scoring (one goal) in this tournament. But again, players who had grazed in Japan is worthy of being Indonesia’s best attacker in the event the Sea Games.

2. Mustaqim (Sea Games 1989)

Former coach of Persija is listed his name as the first hattrick printers for Indonesia in the SEA Games event. Hattrick is inscribed Mustaqim when Indonesia cleared Brunei with a score of 6-0. Total four goals created Mustaqim throughout the SEA Games in 1989. One more goal dilesakkan when cooking Philippines.

3. Rochy Putiray (Sea Games 1991)

At that age was fairly young when joining the 1991 Sea Games Sea team made by Anthony Polosin even he did not have many caps with tinnas. Striker who is known nyenytrik this was not afraid to compete with big names such as Bambang Nurdiansyah, Robby Darwis and Eddy Harto.

He immediately scored his debut with the national team in this event. Initial international goal Rochy Putiray successfully printed at the 1991 SEA Games in Malaysia contra Malaysia in the inaugural phase phase of the group. He then scored one more goal in the last group phase match against the Philippines. Indonesia itself finally managed to steal a gold medal in the event. After this tournament his name continues to shine in this event. In total he scored four goals in the overall Sea Games event.

4. Kurniawan Dwi Yulianto (Sea Games 1995 and 1997)

Kurniawan’s name began to show his tawinya as a primavera dropout at the Sea Games 1995. In that event he managed to create a hat trick while slaying Brunei Darussalam with a score of 10-0. Unfortunately tap the goal stalled because Indonesia swallowed a 1-0 defeat of Vietnam, thus failing to qualify for the semi-finals. This record repeats the failure of Indonesia in SEA Games 1983. Total four goals he print in this competition.

The greatness of the Thin continued in the event Sea Games 1997 in Jakarta. This time with a more mature experience of players who had grazed in Sampdoria is directly show off in the inaugural match opponent Laos. He scored a winning 5-2 win over Laos.

His goal tap continues to flow in four matches Indonesia. Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines managed to break it down with one goal. Total four goals that he printed in qualifying as well as bring Indonesia advanced to the semifinals.

Had not scored in the semis, Kurniawan scored in the final against Thailand. Unfortunately his goal did not succeed in bringing Garuda’s squad to reach gold due to losing on penalties.

In total in two arena Sea Games Kurniawan scored nine, which is the most goals for the Indonesian striker in this event.

Arema Prediction Vs Persib: Adu Jago 2 Debut

Arema Prediction Vs Persib: Adu Jago 2 Debut

Exciting game will be presented in the 19th week of League 1 between host Arema FC host Persib Bandung at Kanjuruhan Stadium, Saturday (12/8). Both teams have the same mission, ie try to find a stepping stone.

Arema FC obviously wants to achieve perfect results at home. Because, in addition to seeking momentum, Singo Edan wants to give a beautiful gift for the 30th anniversary that falls on Friday (11/8).

The condition of both teams can be spelled out not much different. Both Arema and Persib are both left by the coach and now held by his assistant.

Against Persib, Singo Edan own big capital. Moreover, in the last 13 meetings, they are not at all subdued in the cage of Persib.

The overall team condition is good. Only Achmad Alfarizi is injured. However, they already have a new name, the defender from the Turkmen national team captain, Ahmet Atayev, who can fill the Alfarizi slot.

“Indeed we are hampered by the absence of Juan Pino and Johan Farizi who are absent and also mental problems playing after a series of bad results in the previous game, but we have prepared anticipation,” said Joko Susilo.

Ahmet Atayev ( Adwa)
While on the other hand, Persib came to Malang with high confidence. They have just won an important victory, namely 3-1 over the PS TNI at home.

Why is it important? Therefore, it was the first win of Maung Bandung in the last six matches. Obviously, this positive incision wants to continue to be maintained and Arema can be a stepping stone to continue to crawl up on the board standings.

Persib Bandung also get a new addition, namely Ezechiel N’Douassel. Captain Chad’s national team is expected to be the answer to the lack of goals made Persib in League 1.

“Ezechiel has something, I hope he can improve the team’s performance,” said Herrie Setyawan. “We are ready to play the match,” said Herrie Setyawan.

Match Facts

Arema vs Persib
Arema vs Persib ( Adwa)
– Both Arema FC and Arema so one team with a small number of goals. The new Arema packs 16 goals from 18 matches (0.89 goals per game), while Persib is also just 19 goals from 18 games (1.06 goals a game).

– Of the last 13 meetings, both teams are quite balanced. Arema winning thin with win five, compared to four owned by Persib, and the balance balance.

– Of the last five meetings are also created only two goals. There are three games that ended without a goal at all.

– Arema FC itself has never scored in the first 15 minutes. While Persib also just one goal in that time span.

– Arema and Persib are both the arrival of foreign players captains in his country. Atayef captain of Turkmenistan, while N’Douassel captain Chad.

Head to Head:

15/04/2017 Persib Bandung 0 – 0 Arema FC
18/12/2016 Arema FC 0 – 0 Persib Bandung
27/08/2016 Persib Bandung 0 – 0 Arema FC
03/04/2016 Arema FC 2 – 0 Persib Bandung
23/02/2016 Persib Bandung 0 – 1 Arema FC

Five Final Arema FC:

04/08/2017 Bhayangkara FC 2 – 1 Arema FC
30/07/2017 Arema FC 0 – 0 Pusamania Borneo FC
21/07/2017 Semen Padang FC 2 – 0 Arema FC
16/07/2017 Arema FC 0 – 2 Persipura Jayapura
12/07/2017 Gresik United 2 – 3 Arema FC

Five Final match Persib Bandung:

05/08/2017 Persib Bandung 3 – 1 PS TNI
29/07/2017 Perseru Serui 2 – 1 Persib Bandung
22/07/2017 Persib Bandung 1 – 1 Persija Jakarta
15/07/2017 Mitra Kukar 2 – 1 Persib Bandung
12/07/2017 Persib Bandung 1 – 1 Persela Lamongan

Players Forecast:

Ezechiel N’Douassel
Ezechiel N’Douassel when introduced as a new player Persib Bandung, in the office of PT Persib Bandung dignified, Tuesday (08/08/2017). ( Saokani)


Persib Bandung: I Made Wirawan; Henhen Herdiana, Achmad Jufriyanto, Vladimir Vujovic, Tony Sucipto; Dedi Kusnandar, Hariono, Michael Essien; Atep, Shohei Matsunaga, Ezechiel N’Douassel.

Arema FC: Kurnia Meiga; Athur Cunha Da Rocha, Bagas Adi Nugroho, Ahmed Atayev, Beny Wahyudi; Adam Alis, Ahmad Bustomi, Esteban Vizcarra, Dendi Santoso; Syaiful Indra Cahya, Cristian Gonzales.

Ezra Walian Practice at Bolton Wanderers

Ezra Walian Practice at Bolton Wanderers

U-22 national team manager Indonesia, Endri Erawan, revealed that Ezra Walian is being trial at second English caste club Bolton Wanderers Agen Resmi Sbobet.

It was mentioned by Endri when explaining that the Dutch naturalization player became one of the players who will perform at SEA Games 2017 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Earlier, Ezra decided not to renew his contract with Jong Ajax because the 19-year-old attacker is minimal quota appear.

“Now, he’s another trial at Bolton Wanderers. For SEA Games 2017, he can play. He’s fit now and the doctor has confirmed, “said Endri.

Ezra did not take Luis Milla to follow the 2018 U-23 Asian Cup Qualifiers due to a virus.

However, he gradually recovered and is likely to become a player who replaced Ahmad Nur Hardianto at the SEA Games. Persela Lamongan striker has not recovered from a thigh injury.

“The possibility, we did not bring Nur to the SEA Games because of injury that takes time for recovery,” said Endri.